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“6 months ago I was a struggling business owner struggling to keep my business alive. With Vijai’s coaching, my company was transformed. Today, my business is running over 50% of our margins.” 
- Daniel
The Results 
Ninja Formula
The Secrets to Finance and Wealth Creation are Waiting for you. 
"It is truly my life's mission to help you to create the ultimate freedom and abundance you desire."

 Level 1:

 Beginner in Finance

The Goal:

Show You Steps that Will Change Your Financial Future.

Course Length:

4 Weeks

Format of Course:

Online and Physical

What is it?

The Results NINJA Formula is a 1-week online course with physical workbooks, Facebook live Q&A Calls a community of entrepreneurs. It will show anyone how to start their journey to financial freedom.

Who is it for?

The Results NINJA Formula is for anybody who wants to start their journey of financial Freedom. It doesn't matter what your previous experiences is it will work for anyone with a desire to learn.

Where does it happen?

The Results NINJA Formula course is online
 that you can complete on your own time. It has a Facebook community, Training Videos, Live Q&A Sessions, and Workbooks to help you get all the information needed to Master Finance. 

How does it work?

Complete the Action Items, use the Tools provided to you, Watch the videos, and make sure to Ask Questions in the Fb Group or in our Live Q&A's. 

When does it start?

The Results NINJA Formula is an online course, that starts the moment you finish enrollment.  You can finish as slow or as fast as you want. You get Access for Life.

Why does it exist?

We created the The Results NINJA Formula because Vijai has wanted to use his experience from building an 8-Figure Company, to teach the people that need it the most. 
The Results 
NINJA Formula 
The Results 
NINJA Formula 
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Table of Contents
  • Introduction: Course and Material Overview
  • Success Habits by Design
  • Professional and Personal Habits for Success
  • ​Ninja Wheel/Downloadable Ninja Audit Sheet: Here we will discuss Where you are, Where you want to go, and How we are going to get you there.
  • The Physical Audit: No one told you about
  • ​Family - Friends - Relationships Audit: The Secret Growth Hack that will overcome any Relationship problem You never knew you had.
  • My Secret ​Financial Audit: A Financial Success Formula is Built inside.
  • ​A Deep Career Audit: You'll be surprised what you'll find here.
  • ​Explorer Audit: My own Personal Methodology that Brings Success throughout my life with this Deep Explorers Audit check sheet.
  • ​Inner Wealth Audit: There are many Inner emotions that are holding us all back. Find out Inside how to overcome any Inner Obstacle. 
  • ​Income Types: The Secret Habit Success Hack everyone talks about... But still can't create!

    " Helped Me To Think In A Bigger Way"...

    "My Business Is Now Running Over 50% Of Margins”…

    "I’ve Seen A Complete 180"...

    A Letter From Vijai

                       Right now, millions of immigrants in the United States are working hard day after day. They work from paycheck to paycheck without ever understanding the path to creating true financial freedom. 

    If you or someone you love is in this situation, you have to stop and read this entire letter that I've written for you. It is truly my life's mission to help you to create the ultimate freedom and abundance you desire. 

    Hello, My name is Vijai Aanand. I came to the United States in the year 2000 with a little money in my pocket and huge dreams in my heart. I struggled for years to discover these secrets to navigate the laws of business, real estate, and finance before I finally figured it all out. 

    Today, I have three businesses that generate over $17,000,000 in revenue every year. I have invested millions of dollars and decades to achieve this level of success. 

    My goal is that you get to your financial dreams faster and easier than I ever did. It is my honor to be your friend and mentor on this journey. 

    I promised myself that when I became successful, I would dedicate my life to helping other hard-working, honest immigrants who want to come to the United States and thrive in this new, brave world. 

    This book is dedicated to you, with your vision and your dreams, keep thinking rich and growing wealth. You too will become a success story!

    To Your Financial Freedom, 

    Vijai Aanand

    President And CEO Of Akvarr Inc.,
    Real Estate Investor, Private Investor,
    Fitness Enthusiast
    And Immigrant Success Story (15+ years) 

    Disclaimer: The views stated in this book are of Vijai's experience & it is to be noted that he is not an attorney 
    so this is not legal advice.
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